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James is a Personal Trainer at Roar Kensington as well as a class instructor. A huge advocate of the benefits exercise and particularly lifting weights has on ones mental health, James believes your biggest enemy is your own mind, ‘we are all much stronger and fitter than we give ourselves credit for and we are here to show you your potential and push you to discover that for yourselves’.

James’ biggest fundamental teaching about fitness is that it is supposed to be hard but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at the same time.

James also trained professionally in Musical Theatre and so he delivers a West End show to you EVERY SINGLE TIME he teaches. He exudes positivity and is a cheerleader for every single member of each session.

You’ll feed off of his energy and surprise yourself how much fun you can have whilst working hard. Find your goal. Breathe in positivity and light. Smash it! See you in the jungle.

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The workout is great. It’s got a great vibe and energy. I love the small class workout, you feel motivated and work really hard. I really enjoyed it!

Dame Kelly Holmes

It’s amazing! The energy in the studio is electric as everyone is smashing the workout together. The Roar Classes concept is just brilliant.

Alice Liveing

I love Sarah Lindsay’s workouts so I knew Roar Classes would deliver. It really worked my muscles hard and made me feel incredible. Loved it!

Nell McAndrew


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