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" I never want to exercise but Josh and the whole team at Roar are so great at motivating me and providing the right sort of training that it almost feels like fun. I feel fitter than I ever have"
Graham Norton – TV Presenter
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"The workout is great! It's got a great vibe and energy. I love the small class workout, you feel motivated and work really hard. I really enjoy it!"
Dame Kelly Holmes – Olympic Athlete
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'If you want to get properly fit and have fun doing it, then Sarah Lindsay's ROAR is the best place to do it. I'm still a work in progress (!) but going to ROAR always feels like an enjoyable challenge rather than a chore. Highly recommend it'
Piers Morgan – Broadcaster & Journalist
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"I'd never even thought to do weight training before and now it's a key part of my life. I love their gym, guidance, and knowledge. They've made me feel stronger, healthier and more focused than ever"
Nick Grimshaw – TV & Radio Presenter
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"Roar Fitness' personal training facilities are beautiful and the team have created such a friendly and positive environment to train in. I've learnt so much about health, food and fitness from Sarah, but most importantly how to properly weight train. My strength continues to improve every session, and I love how lifting heavy makes me feel."
Pixie Lott – Singer & Actress
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" Training with Sarah has made such a difference. At Roar you start with a movement screening nutrition assessment and they customise each workout to achieve your desired goal"
Sophie Herman – TV Personality
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The combination of the brilliant training 3-times-weekly sessions with Yordan and the ongoing support and advice on nutrition from Sarah helped me stick to my goal and achieve amazing results. All while having a great time.
Henry Holland – Fashion Designer
"Have loved training here. I came in having never done weights before and now am confident of doing them myself in the gym and don't look nearly as fat."
Josh Widdicombe – Comedian & TV Presenter
"I’ve been training at Roar for around 2 years now, I wanted to be stronger but also stay lean & i'm now in a much happier place with my body. My nutrition routine also changed for the better helping not only my body but also my skin. A super friendly and non intimidating atmosphere gives me the motivation I need to keep up my fitness journey."
Lauren Pope – Television personality
‘ROAR completely changed my relationship with my body. I went to change how I look and ended up changing how I felt. One of the best gifts you can give yourself (except maybe a holiday or a pizza).’
Jack Guiness – Model

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