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Rich Phillipps

About Rich

Hailed by Men’s Health Magazine as “the Uk’s leading body transformation expert”, Rich Phillipps' growing reputation for producing spectacular results has led to him becoming one of London’s most sought after Personal Trainers.

His 20 years of industry experience, in depth understanding of the human body and how to get the best from training, is something that all Roar Fitness clients benefit from.

Rich works closely with all of Roars' personal trainers, ensuring every part of the client process from the initial movement screening, to the nutrition and training programmes are to the very highest standard.

Rich Philips Your 8 week body plan

Success leaves clues

A former athlete, National League Basketball star and Men’s Health fitness model, Rich has consulted for numerous Professional and Olympic Athletes, and trained body doubles for major blockbuster movies including Captain America and Batman Dark Knight Rises. What Rich is still known best for though, is his innate ability to transform everyday men and women in just 8-12 weeks.

The Author of Men’s Fitness exclusive “Your 8 week body plan”. Rich continues to write for numerous industry-leading magazines and his transformations have featured in the likes of Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, City magazine and on the BBC.

Rich Philips personal trainer and body transformation expert

The only source of knowledge is experience

Rich is a big believer that staying at the forefront of sports science has played a huge part in his success as a personal trainer and body transformation expert. However, leading a team of vastly experienced and well-educated personal trainers, he believes it is imperative not to succumb to the plethora of new hype and industry fads that always deliver sub optimal results.

Whilst always open to new advancements in the field of health and nutrition, Rich keeps his feet firmly planted in his tried and tested methods that have proven to deliver results time and time again.


I asked Rich Phillipps to write me a 4 month training programme. Now I’m more ripped than a child’s drawing book.

Russell Kane – Comedian
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"Over the past 15 years Rich Phillipps has worked with dozens of Olympic and professional athletes. actors and fitness models, and has become the go to trainer for body doubles who need the perfect physique for Hollywood blockbusters. All of this has established Rich as one of the most sought after trainers in the fitness world and solidified his reputation as a man who delivers real results."
Men’s Fitness Magazine
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Rich Phillipps’ in depth knowledge of all aspects of training plus his extensive nutritional and dietary advice is what make him London's number 1 personal trainer. His client results speak for themselves.

George Skivington – London Irish
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Men's Health
"Rich Phillipps has gained a rep as the UK's leading expert in body transformation. "
Men’s Health Magazine
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