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Frequently asked questions about our Online Training

Charter of expectations

Client Obligations:

  • To fill out the appropriate consultation documents provided by the trainer upon receipt of payment by Roar Fitness Ltd.
  • To the best of their ability, the client is to fill out their consultation in as much applicable detail as possible to provide the trainer with the necessary information for nutrition and training programme design.
  • To check in regularly with the trainer on a mandatory check in day each week to review the previous weeks progress via the check in form process.
  • To always be honest and accountable to the trainer.

Trainer Obligations:

  • To ensure the client is able to understand and enact the fundamental principles of the training plan.
  • To provide the client with the necessary tools and documents to adhere to their training and nutrition plan.
  • To provide a weekly support service to the client via the online check in form and support system.
  • To hold the client to account and update the client’s training and nutrition protocols where necessary and are due.


1. Will I get the same results as the Roar transformation photos used in social media?

If you apply yourself 100% for a period of at least 8 and ideally 12 weeks on our online programme then significant and often spectacular results can be achieved. Whilst we cannot offer the same level of result guarantees as our personal training clients, the level of experience and expertise our online coaches offer will put you in the best possible position to achieve your goals.

2. Do I need access to a gym?

  1. Due to the type of programmes we prescribe, it is necessary to have access to a variety of resistance kit and therefore we would deem a gym membership necessary for this programme to work or a reasonably equipped home setup.

A reasonable set up would include the following:

  • Males: Dumbbells from 5to 30kg and a weights bench
  • Females Dumbbells from 5 to 20kg and a weights bench
  • A barbell with a selection of plates from 1.25kg up to 20kg plates

3. Something has come up, can I get a refund?

When starting with us, copyright material from Roar will be shared with you in electronic format such as PDF documents detailing nutrition plans, training information and such. Due to the client having unlimited access to this intellectual information, we cannot unfortunately issue a refund for this.  It is always best to ask for information first if unsure.  A refund can however be issued if the client/trainer relationship has not yet been established with the handover of documents.

4. How long after submitting my check in form for the previous week will I receive a response?

Roar trainers will always respond within 48 hours to clients. If there is an exceptional circumstance for this not happening such as an emergency, the client will be duly notified and appropriately recompensed with a week in lieu.

5. When does my programme change?

Each purchased Roar training programme phase is 4 weeks long and will be updated by the trainer upon payment for each phase.

6. Can I buy supplements if I’m overseas?

We currently do not ship outside of the UK. Please contact your trainer for recommendations for alternatives if you cannot buy the Roar branded supplement line.

7. If I find the diet side of things difficult; can I do something else?

Roar dietary recommendations are specifically designed for trying to get the best results possible, with a strong preference for nutrient dense, wholesome earth grown foods and a higher than average protein intake. There will be foods such as lean meats, eggs, fish and vegetables in abundance on plan.  To truly attain excellent results, a willingness to adopt this kind of dietary approach is a necessary requirement.

8. I have a medical condition, am I eligible for the programme?

We provide a medical questionnaire and waiver in our initial consulting process. If for any reason Roar feels that there is a risk involved to the client or to Roar’s reputation, then a refund will be issued.  We will never issue a programme recommendation without this to protect the client’s welfare.

9. I’ve never weight trained before; can I still do the programme?

We always advise that if it is possible, a Roar client should train with a Roar trainer in person, particularly if they’re a beginner. If this is not possible, our consulting process will ask the client to detail their previous gym experience and the Roar trainer will design a programme suitable for the perceived experience level the client feels they are at.

10. How do I communicate with my trainer, who contacts who?

All client/trainer communication at Roar is completed via an emailing process. The online check in form which your trainer will notify you about is designed for you to address all training/nutrition related information and any further comments, concerns or queries that the trainer can address in a response.  It is on you, the client to contact your trainer to address your concerns.

11. I don’t like doing before and after photos, does this matter?

We ask all clients to take the relevant before and after photos just for their own progress monitoring. We will never allow photos to be displayed publicly unless explicit permission is granted by the client.  Photos are stored on a folder within a secure cloud storage space, only accessible by you (the client) and the Roar trainer who is monitoring your progress.  All information is treated with strict confidentiality.

12. I’m going on holiday for a couple of weeks, does this impact my 12 weeks?

Your Roar trainer can allow for this. As this is a personal service, your Roar trainer can extend your package by the relevant time, but it would mean that communication between your trainer and you (the client) would effectively cease during the interim period.

13. Do you provide dietary recommendations for Vegans and vegetarians?

Our Roar menus have been designed to accommodate for these dietary requirements and therefore, appropriate documentation can be handed to clients for these dietary preferences

14. If I’m sore from a workout, can I train the next day?

It’s not uncommon to be sore in the first week doing a brand-new training programme. It is safe to train sore, provided it’s not too severe.

15. How do I measure my progress?

When you submit your check in form, your coach will ask you to submit your progress photos and measurements for the week and this will include tape measurements and weigh ins. Your coach will then feedback appropriately and compare.


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